Main Achievements:

MEWA, Digital Strategy and Enterprise Architecture Establishment & Operation.
  • Establishing and accreditation of MEWA AI Center.
  • Managing MEWA - Qiyas 10th with maturity results - the 5th Ministry (89.4%).
  • Lead the answering three verticals of Qiyas10 (Strategy, PMO, and Governance).
  • Participated in the National Overall Reference Architecture (NORA) accreditation with maturity result (NORA Level3 Certificate).
Ministry of Municipal, Rural Affairs, and Housing (MOMRAH).
  • Prepared Smart Monitoring initiative including +9 projects.
  • Mentoring Urban Planning Services Development and Launching Program.
Established a Program Management Office (PMO) for multiple clients in KSA.
  • EPMO Assessment to National Housing Company (NHC).
  • Development & Improvement Project Management System (MEWA -ITPMO).
  • Development & Improvement Enterprise Project Management System (SPL-EPMO), Achieved CMMI for development maturity level 3- SCAMPI-A appraisal to Saudi Post (EPMO- SPL, ID: 5358- Dec- 2019). Plus, designed & build PMO Handbook including PM Methodologies and Processes Maps, Communication Plan, Training Material, Digital PMO Tool, PMO Dashboards Design, Operate Monthly Progress Reports, Project Management Dashboard.
Saudi Post Logistics (SPL), Information Technology (IT) Modernization Program.
  • Lead the Development of Service Oriented Architecture framework.
  • Implement enterprise data architectural framework and BI.
  • Standardize and automate the IT service management framework.
Quality and Governance implementation Project ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 for three clients (MEWA, SAMA, Confidential Government).
  • Lead +11 ITSM consultant at Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) Project for ITSM Improvement Based on ITIL & ISO 20000 Certification.
  • Supporting on line +11 ITSM consultant, senior PM at Confidential Government, Renew ISO 20000.
  • Participated in MEWA team's achievements to get ISO 20000 by Implementation of Change management process.
Saudi Post (SPL), DevOps on premise and ITSM Automation, Operation & Maintenance, Riyadh.
  • Designed, defined and automated the strategic frameworks for IT governance using COBIT, CMMI DEV, CMMI SVC, ITIL in Saudi Post by describing the current and future status of the e-services business lines and solutions and defining the engineering structure of the technical governance frameworks including application governance, infrastructure, information security and comprehensive quality project management and technology services governance.
Saudi Post (SPL), E-Commerce Services Development & Operation, Riyadh.
  • Document and automate all sales, operation, and financial department procedures. Build profitable business models capable of increasing sales and covering costs for services provided.
  • Providing a comprehensive solution for e-merchant via last mile service in three delivery channels and manage reverse logistic (return service), and shipping over 30,000 shipments on a daily basis.
  • Development Multiple COD solution via POS devices with our service providers, Cash & payment link, 3 different last mile delivery options, Shipping to doorstep, lockers & postal offices, Track and trace and proof of Delivery.
Saudi Post (SPL), Operation and maintenance of National Address Geospatial Platform.
  • Transform from the old-fashioned descriptive addresses to digital ones. In order to facilitate retrieving locations through a unified standard address covering all areas and cities.
  • National address services (Request National Address identification, add companion and manage your addresses, Install National Address plate, National Address Proof Verification).
Saudi Post (SPL), Development Locator - National Address Maps Application
  • Digital geographical map system is considered to be a unique achievement in the history of The Saudi Kingdom, which offers a locator service using the new postal addressing based on techniques adopted in modern addressing and coding. It was supervised by the SDAIA (Saudi DATA AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AUTHORITY).
Saudi Post (SPL), Hajj and Umrah Navigator.
  • A digital geographic App with 16 language for the Holy Mashair area inside Saudi Arabia. Its maps contain information for Addresses, Hajj camps, streets, districts, public services and Mashair boundaries.
Saudi Post (SPL), Development Application Programming Interface (National Address API).
  • Development, operation multiple service as Address API, Maps API, Lookup API.
  • Enabling developers to link their applications with geographic and spatial information in the Kingdom.
  • API helps complete the e-government strategic plan.
Ministry Of Education - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Adult Education Project.
  • An integrated project for managing adult education interactively to transfer information, which facilitates its use by supervisors, school administrators - teachers and learners, with the possibility of immediate interaction with any generalization or developments in the ministry.
TRABOT (IATA API integration Development & Operation).
  • This is the prospective integration hub, to manage all technical integration of Saudi Post, whether internal through some sort of middleware, or external through API gateway.
Najran Municipality, Project to Develop Information Technology
  • Development of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP), including HR, Employee Self-Service, Dashboards, KPIs & Reporting, Finance Management, Dynamic Workflows & Approvals, Project Management, Sales & Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Production Management, and Fixed Assets Management.
Najran Municipality, Maintenance and Operation of Computer Phase I & II.
  • Responsible for managing team and development IT Infrastructure that including of Service Management System, Enterprise Storage, Web Server, Wireless Network, Database, Identity and Access Management, Wired Network, Printing Management System, and Emergency Response System.
Project of Establishment of Najran Municipality Building with the Study and Supervision-new building.
  • Participated in installation and setup IT Infrastructure including all-composite hardware Systems, software, services, Servers, and network resources, installation and setup of a state of art IP cameras (internal and External), and surveillance system, setup MATV System and IP PBX.
Najran Municipality, Development of the Field of Electronic surveillance project.
  • Participated in installation and setup of a state of art IP cameras and surveillance system for External 11 location, Tracking System for all Cars at Najran Municipality, and Mobile Application Development.
Najran University, Community College, Deanship of Admission and Registration Project.
  • Participated in installation and setup IT Infrastructure, setup of a state of art IP cameras and surveillance system, and Intercom system.
ITP-KSA, Established PMO, Riyadh.
  • Setting up project management method, process, structure and invented project management tools while managing project processes, set up PMO standards.
ITP-KSA, Internal ERP Implementation.
  • Development of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (Odoo), including HR, Employee Self-Service, Dashboards, KPIs & Reporting, Finance Management, Dynamic Workflows & Approvals, Project Management, Sales & Customer Relationship Management.
Digital Thinking Consultancy Company, Design & Build IT-PMO.
  • Designed & Build PMO Governance and framework to Provides management control over the ongoing mandate for the deployment of resources, and ensures continued alignment of the projects to project management focus area: scope, cost, quality, stakeholder & communication, change and risk management.
Digital Thinking Consultancy Company, E-gate Project.
  • The commercial guide web application contains the largest number of sectors and companies in an organized way that makes it easy for the user to reach any destination in the least time.
Digital Thinking Consultancy Company, Ana Hona Project.
  • Training web application for developing basic skills and developing human capabilities that help meet the needs of the labour market.
Digital Thinking Consultancy Company, Project Management Gateway Development.
  • Users can manage and track projects, deadlines, schedules and other operations. It also gives them the ability to share files, discuss assignments, record their actions and receive real-time updates on the progress of their work. Users can monitor their tasks with a visual timeline, and recreate pre-used templates to speed up workflow.